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Japanese Ancient Letters

I will introduce Komonjo (Japanese ancient letters) designated as National Treasure.

Kononjo is a historical means of communication made to deliver one's intention to the others.
In short, it is a letter, but Komonjo of National Treasure includes not only letters but also diary, general documents of temple or Shogun family, stock list of temple, optative sentence, testament, genealogical table, stone monument and so on. 'Calligraphy and books' used to be in the same category, so many Komonjo also belong to 'calligraphy and books' category.

The letters written by Kukai (Kobodaishi) or Saicho are important in calligraphy history as well as historical value.

(Photo below: 'Three letters by Kobodaishi' Kyouogokokuji Temple, Kyoto)
Sekijaku by Kobodaishi

(Photo below: Stone monument in Nasu, Tochigi)
Nasunokuni no Miyatsuko no Hi

Gosagatenno Shinkanshosoku
'Letter by Gosaga Emperor'
Ninnaji Temple, Kyoto

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