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Thank you very much for visiting my site 'Let's Travel in Japan!'
My name is Hide.

I was born in May, 1963
My sign is Gemini.
Blood type is 'O'

I am single.

I am from Tokyo and still live in Tokyo.
The places where I lived for a long time are;
Tokyo, Izu Kogen, Paris, Portland (USA), Amsterdam, on the ship.

My favorite things
Travel abroad & demestic travel (especially Izu area),
Ballroom dance (especially waltz),
Music (from classic to Japanese popular music). My favorite artist is Lara Fabian.
Visit museums,
Study foreign languages,
Acquisition of qualification,
Looking blue ocean freely,
Snorkeling (I used to do also scuba diving),
Steering the boat (paper navigator?).

Favorite foods
Fatty tuna, Foie gras and Red wine.

First meeting to foreign coutry
I dreamed foreign coutry from my childhood by the influence of the movies.
I always watched the foreign movies on television,
and I was so interested in the scene and culture different from Japanese one.

My first thought to go abroad was a TV quiz program
called 'Ultra Quiz across the United States'
I applied when I was a junior high school student,
but I was denied. I had to be 18 years old.
But I kept my dream going to abroad and I studied English hard.

My real encounter to the foreign coutry was
a five-weeks homestay in Hawaii when I was a hight school student.
I was impressed with every little things, even finding the difference of traffic signs.
I was surprised to find Seven-Eleven! (I had thought it Japanese store.)

It was a lot of fun, the communication with the host family.
These 5 weeks really changed my conception of life.
I cried so much at the airport to say good-bye to the family.

Exchange student
After coming back to Japan,
I strongly thought 'I want to live in the USA', not as a guest.
I wanted to be an exchange student and stay in the USA for a year.
My parents didn't want me, but after 6 months, my dream came true!

I stayed in Portland, Oregon.
Rainy place and people are quiet. Very different from bright and merry Hawaii.
But on the other hand, it is a beautiful city with a lot of greens.
There was a cow field back of the host family's home.
I was an only Japanese at high school, so first I felt lonely.

But I tried to be active.
I participated sport team after school, I went to church with the family and so on.
Gradually, I made friends and school life was becoming interesting.
I learned 'nothing will happen if I don't start' during my stay.

Backpacking abroad
When I became a university student, I started backpacking.
I started from Australia.
I chose mainly developping coutries, like
Thailand, India, East Europe, South America, etc.

I thought I could backpack in the developping country only while I was young.
When I first visited India, I fed up with the country after 1 week,
but while I continued the travel, I found many interests in India.
After all I stayed there about a month, and I came back several years later.

Contact with foreign countries through my job
My first job was a management consulting company.
2 years later I moved to the international division
for introducing new business from the USA..
I had a chance to visit USA with the clients.

5 years later, I change the job.
Through consulting experience, I wanted to participate in the new business.
So I moved to Izu region to establish a new museum,
called 'Izu Glass & Art Museum'
which exhibits the art-nouveau and art-deco glass art.

To make the most of this opportunity,
I studied art and obtained the certificate of curator.

Thought the job in the museum,
I visited Philippines to import goods for the museum shop.

When there was an important talk
between former Prime Minister Hashimoto and former President Yeltsin was held,
we welcomed their wives to our museum.

But most exciting memory during my 5 years in the museum was an opening day.
I felt like I was established Disneyland.
I was happy that we had more visitors than our plan.

Study in Paris
Because I studied French art history through my job,
I strongly felt like to go to France.
5 years after the opening of the museum, I decided to study in Paris for 1 year.
I made another homepage based on this experience.
Let's Travel in France!

Start working in the Travel field
After returning to Japan from Paris, I wondered what I would do.
I wanted to take advantage of my experiences in museum and France.
So I chose travel company.
I had several chances every year going abroad as a tour leader,
working in the planning and sales division

Through the job, I experienced the Cruise.
It widened my activity field including starting ballroom dance lesson.

Microscope company
My forth job was working in the microscope company.
I new the president through my first job.
I sold phase contrast microscope to hospitals and dentists.
I was also responsible for international marketing.

New life as an independent guide
I had many impressive experiences oversees.
So conversely, I want to welcome foreign people who visit Japan
and I started the guiding job. It is difficult to do guide job when I work as an employee of the company, so I quit the microscope company and has become independent.

My future dream
In the future, I want to start a guesthouse for foreign travelers!

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