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Japanese Historical Artifacts

I will introduce Japanese historical artifacts designated as National Treasure.

The history of this category is short. It was 2000 when the first property was designated. There are only 2 properties for now (2008).

Artifacts related to Keicho Mission to Europe (Sendai City Museum)
Keicho Mission to Europe was sent by Masamune Date for the trade with Mexico and invite missionary priest from Rome. The members were Tsunenaga Hasekura and about 10 people. The ship departed Tsukinoura Port in September 1613 with 180 passengers including many missionary priests. And came back after 7 years in August 1620. But they could not have answer about invitation of missionary, so their aim was not accomplished. Anyway Japan's feudal government had already forbidden Christianity at that time.

These artifacts are from Date Family and Sendai Domain office who checked the Christianity. All the things were brought by Tsunenaga Hasekura.
(Photo below: Certificate of Roman citizenship)

Certificate of Roman citizenship

Artifacts related Sho Royal Family in Ryukyu (Naha City History Museum)
Okinawa Prefecture used to be an independent nation as Ryukyu Kingdom. The kingdom by Sho Family started by the first King Sisho Sho in 1406 and lasted until the last 19th King Tai Sho in 1879.

You can feel the Kingdom period in Naha City which surround Shuri Castle. The artifacts consist of Royal costume and clothes, gold and silver tableware, lacquerware, ceramic, swords and so on.
(Photo below: Crown given by the Emperor of Ming Dynasty in China)


Tsunenaga Hasekura
Tsunenaga Hasekura, oil painting
(Sendai City Museum)

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