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Link 9 Cultural exchange between Japan and foreign countries

Link 9 Learn Japanese culture and language in foreign coutries

Link 9: Cultural exchange between Japan and foregin countries

Cultural exchange such as learning Japanese culture and language in foreign countries.

Association Franco-Japonaise de Limoge Association Franco-Japonaise in Limoge offers course of Japanese language, Japanese cooking, Origami,etc.
Irish Network Japan Irish Network Japan website. INJ organizes St. Patrick's Parade and other cultural events and brings a little part of Ireland to Japan.
The Jet Program This website is aimed at assisting participants in the JET program. The site is funded by the Hattori Foundation, a non-profit philanthropy established in 1919.
Association Japon et Culture Association Japon et Culture offers courses of Japanese language, the test of kanji by Japanese government. Franco-Japonais evening is to meet and exchange between French and Japanese in Lilloise region.
Association Culturelle Franco-Japonaise Association Culturelle Franco-Japonaise is for the cultural exchange between French and Japanse in Marseille.
Association Mets-Lorraine-Japon Association Mets-Lorraine-Japon is for the cultural exchange, for example, chanoyu, cooking class and expositions.
Bretagne-Japon Bretagne-Japon offers the course to learn Japanese culture, like language, cooking, ikebana and calligraphy.
Fulbright The Japan-U.S. Educational Commission (JUSEC) is the binational Commission established to promote mutual understanding between Japan and the U.S.
NICHIAI (Ireland) Established in 1996, NICHIAI has been working as a bridge between Ireland and Japan.

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