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Information sites about Japanese traditional products including on-line shop.

Jmarket.com Online marketplace offering modern and traditional Japanese products to individuals living outside Japan.
Japanese Kimono! Kimono site offers info on japanese kimono, japanese clothing, kimono fabrics, patterns and yukata robes. How to tie an obi sash, make a kimono, how to wear japanese yukata, hakama pants and japanese shoes zori, geta sandals and tabi socks.
Japanese Kimono, Kimonoan - We sell vintage traditional Japanese Kimono, obi, haori, furisode, kimono underwear.
Traditional Japanese Clothing and Accessories Koromo Japan offers a range of traditional Japanese clothing, footwear, accessories and handicraft items such as tattoo t-shirts, hanten jackets, wagasa umbrellas, zori sandals and more!
Kyoto Kimono Kimono, Japanese kimonos, obi, haori, yukata, vintage kimonos and kimono fabric from Kyoto Kimono. Each piece is unique with its own history and charm.
The Kimono Company Elegant Japanese kimonos for men and women, classic Victorian-style cotton nighties, and batik kaftans hand made in the Bahamas. Luxury gift box service available.
TABITABIYA TABITABIYA is an online shop who sells traditional Japanese shoes and socks.
JGarden The Japanese Garden Database is intended as a repository of information on the historical gardens of Japan.
Goods from Japan Gifts from Japan - buy traditional and modern japanese gifts and japanese products - traditional crafts plus hi-tech goods - including electronic Japanese-English dictionaries, arts, clothing, jewelry, lighting and toys.
O-cha.com Green Tea - Matcha Shipped From Japan To You. Enjoy the Health Benefits Of Our Japanese Teas.
Japanese green tea online shop Ship the finest green tea from Shizuoka, Yame, Uji Kyoto and exquisite pottery worldwide directly from Japan.
Expo Shop Japon Japanese Online shop of original, authentic trendy fashion products and gifts,home decoration and traditional and contemporary handicrafts made by Japanese craftsmen and creators mainly from Kyoto.
Ooh!JAPAN - Shopping and Auction service from Japan Our service is japanese shopping service from japan. Let's Japanese Buying and Bidding Begin!
Roland Our small shop is located in Munich, Germany. We sell incense, green tea and other goods.
The Japanese Connection The Japanese Connection are importers of handmade traditional Japanese arts and crafts such as hanko, shoji screens, kimonos and more. We also provide translations, Japanese discussion forums, information resources and a collection of links to other Japanese resources.
Otsumami Land Your mail order shop for Japanese Quality Food.
Ikkanshi Tadatsuna Knifes Japanese kitchen knives, Ikkanshi Tadatsuna from Sakai city, Japan, Japanese kitchen knife, whose brand has been favored by a famous Iron Chef, Rokusaburo Michiba.
Produit Asiatiques This is the portal site for Asian products, resutaurants, travel, service, etc.

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