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Link 3 Museums and art galleries of Japanese art

Link 3 Museums and Japanese arts and crafts

Link 3: Japanese arts and crafts

Museums in Japan.

Tokyo National Museum Wide range of historical materials and art works can be seen from the earthenware of Jomon era and Ukiyoe to modern crafts in Japan
Edo Tokyo Museum You can see the change of the city by historical materials and models from Edo era up to now.
Fukagawa Edo Museum You can enjoy the atmosphere of Edo era by the reconstruction of the streets and items of Fukagawa from days gone by. (will be closed from July 2009 to July 2010)
Hokusai Museum The Hokusai Museum opened in 1976 in Obuse, a town in Nagano. On-line display and brief descriptions of selected works from the Hokusai collection.

Information sites about Japanese arts and crafts, and art-galleries and shops to sell Japanese arts and crafts..

Ukiyo-e This site gives information about Ukiyoe and introduces important Ukiyoe artists.
Noel Chippa's Home Page This site explains precisely about Japanese woodblock prints, ukiyo-e. From technique to the famous ukiyo-e artists.
The Woodblook Prints of Ando Hiroshige This site introduces the Woodblock Prints of Ando Hiroshige.
Japanese Prints Virtual exhibition of 40 Japanese prints, depicting the Dutch and other foreigners in Deshima, Nagasaki and Yokohama, 1800-1865.
Black Moon-Ukiyoe The Black Moon introduces Japanese art, anime and culture.
Ukiyoe-Gallery.com his website is both an online gallery of Japanese woodblock prints (ukiyo-e and shin hanga) as well as a library of research and reference articles about Japanese woodblocks, publishers, artists, printmaking techniques, and advice for collectors.
Ichiban Japanese Antiques apanese antiques and Chinese art, porcelain, bronzes, woodblock prints and other objects are offered by Ichiban Oriental Antiques and Asian Art.
Iwasawa Oriental Art The Japanese Antique store exists to introduce the beautiy of Japanese art and aintiques in the Silicon Valley.
Kitano Oriental Art Our company deals with Japanese art and antiques, with a focus on woodblock prints. Our product range also includes bronzes, ceramics, lacquers and other works of Asian art.
Scholten Japanese Art Japanese art including: woodblock prints, netsuke, inro, lacquer, screens, hanging scrolls, and other fine works of art.
Shogun Gallery We specialize in museum-quality Japanese woodblock prints and Mogul and Persian miniature paintings
Yokoyama Arts we provide our original hand painting screen, Japanese woodblock prints, Ukiyoe, Shinhanga and Contemporary woodblock prints.
Castle Fine Arts Specializing in fine 18th to 20th Century Japanese woodblock prints, Castle Fine Arts has been providing fine art to collectors, corporations, museums, and the trade since 1977.
Rosensteel Galleries Rosensteel Galleries in Arizona, U.S.A. deal with from Ukiyo-e to worldwide art works.
Society for Japanese Arts Society for Japanese Arts, shedding light on Japanese Art. Japanese prints, ukiyo-e, lacquer, inro, netsuke, tsuba and Japanese swords.
Degener Japanese Fine Prints Degener Japanese Fine Prints deals with Japanese woodblock prints, illustrated books and drawings from the 18th through the 20th century.
Japanese Woodblock Prints at Gallery Doster Gallery Doster offers an extensive selection of vintage japanese woodblockprints from various masters for sale.
Edo Prints Gallery Edo Prints Gallery in New York specializes in late 18th century and 19th century Japanese Woodblock Prints.
Floating World Gallery Buying and selling Japanese Woodblock Prints and paintings, Hiroshige, Hokusai, Saito, Yoshida, Shinsui, Jacoulet, etc.
Gallery East Gallery East represents emerging and established contemporary Western Australian artists, as well as specialising in the traditional and contemporary arts and crafts of Japan and those Australian and international artists who have been influenced by Japanese aesthetics.
Hotei Hotei Japanese Prints in Leiden, Netherland always has several hundred Japanese prints in stock, as well as c. 80 scroll paintings, a small selection of illustrated books and a growing number of objects.
Richard Ukiyo-e Richard Kruml offers a selection from stock of fine Japanese prints paintings and books for collectors and museums.
Galerie am Haus der Kunst Gallery of Japanese Arts in Munich - Japanese woodblock prints, woodblock books, and paintings. Dolls, screens, chests and folk art from Japan.
Mattia Jona Mattia Jona is an italian art dealer specializing in master drawings and prints, japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints and drawings.
Lella & Gianni Mora Lella and Gianni Morra: dealers based in Venice specializing in original japanese woodblock prints, illustrated books, surimono and paintings from the 18th to 20th century.
Osaka Prints.com We specialize in kamigata-e, original eighteenth-nineteenth century Japanese woodblock prints from Osaka and the surrounding region.
JapanesePottery.com Our online Web Gallery sells hundreds of one-of-a-kind Japanese ceramics. Our sister site, e-YAKIMONO.net, is the web's leading online knowledge center for Japanesey pottery.
Japanese Temari emari Balls: Discover beautiful thread-wrapped temari balls covered with embroidery from Barbara B. Suess, author of Japanese Temari, A Colorful Spin on an Ancient Craft. Kiku Designs Japanese Arts and Crafts.
Knit Japan knitjapan introduces the best of Japanese knitting, information about knitting and textiles in Japan and a links database. register at knitjapan and get free exhibition listings and curriculum vitae facilities.
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