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Link 1 general and travel information sites in Japan

Link 1 Useful sites for traveling Japan

Link 1: General and Travel information in Japan

Useful sites to provide general information and travel information in Japan.

Japan National Tourism Organization General information, history, culture, tourist information in various languages by Japanese Government.
Japanese Local Atmosphere and hearty hospitality are awaiting you Information about major cities in Japan by Japanese Government.
Japan Rail Pass Information about Japan Rail Pass for foreign visitors.
Narita International Airport Official site of Narita Airport which gives you flight information, access to Tokyo Metropolitan area and facility information of airport.
Kansai International Airport Official site of Kansai Airport which gives you flight information, access to cities around area and facility information.
Nippon Rent-A-Car Official site of Japanese biggest rent-a-car company.
Tokyo City Tour Tokyo City Tour offer tours with english speaking guide.
Viagem ao Japao Oferece as excrusões turísticas no Japáo com a guia de português
Viaje a Japon Ofrecemos viajes con guia de espanõl
Japan Travel Package Charming tailor made travel to Japan
Japan tours Mt.Fuji, Geisha, Ninja... Do you still imagine stereotype Japanese? We are your connection to the hottest loc...
Wandering the Wonderful Streets The Photo Gallery of the Wonderful streets, alleys, lanes, markets etc, around Japan and the World.
Japan Visitor Japan Visitor Guide: Hotels, Flights, Tourist and Resident Information.
JAPAN SAMURAI Tour We offer best price walking tours in Tokyo.
Accessible Japan Travel guide for wheelchair uses.
About Japan. info Our directory offers websites to business, economy, science, technology, travel and tourism, language, computing, internet, news, media, education, culture and more related in Japan.
Web Japan This site provide variety of Japanese information from travel information to latest topics.
France-Japon.net Practical information about the life in Japan. (in French)
Konnichiwa Let's understand the difference of the life between Japan and the United States.
digi-joho Japan Essential travel information and services for planning your trip to Japan.
The rough guide to Japan Japan update is designed to support the two Japan guidebooks of which I am co-author: the Rough Guide to Japan and the Mini Rough Guide to Tokyo.
Japan Zone Japan Zone - Your guide to Japan and Japanese popular culture.
thE qUirKy jaPan Japan information about oddities such as the The Meguro Parasitological Museum, the Thousand Person Bathtub, love hotels, temple lodging, and the Yakiimo man.
Trip advisor TripAdvisor has 50,000 impartial reviews and articles on what to do, where to eat, and where to stay when in Japan.
JAPANINFO This site introduces Japanese animation, travel information, lifestyle, etc.
Randy's Japan Page Randy introduces Japan and Japanese rural areas.
Jguide Stanford guide to Japan information resources.
A Grimps of JAPAN General information of Japan from language to travel.
Japan-101 Japan information for US and English speaking visitors.
Japan-Guide.com Everything about modern and traditional Japan with emphasis on travel and living related information.
Japan Journal All things Japanese considered: politics, government, travel, leisure, science, technology, business.
Japon Online Portal site of Japan for who has passion to Japan. (in French)
Japan Reference Travel and living guide to Japan, Japanese modern and traditional culture, society, economy and politics, forum, news, society, language, directory, classifieds, photo gallery and more.
Japan Travel Guide A complete guide to Japan.
Japan, my Japan! This site has a wide range of link about Japan.
Must Love Japan This site is a visual travel guide of Japan.
Outdoor Japan The guide to travel, the outdoors and active lifestyles in Japan.
Secret Onsen A guide to japanese hot springs. The best onsen of Japan are quoted, and described with pictures, maps and many details.
Soon Online Magagine, Japan Here are links to Japanese pages that will really help you in your life.
Kenny's Cafe You will find plenty of information on Japan from government guidance to local events. Find friends on SNS.
The Japan FAQ Important info for anyone visiting or relocating to Japan.
Global Communications Platform News, opinions, debates and forums on Japan's domestic and international affairs.
Japan News News and Photos of Japan - Dive Deeper into Japan with Japan Correspondent Kjeld Duits.
Kyoto Journal A non-profit volunteer-based quarterly magazine established in 1986, Kyoto Journal offers interviews, essays, translations, humor, fiction, poetry and reviews, accompanied by memorable photo-essays, original illustrations and award-winning design.
News On Japan Daily News on Japan in English; Business News, Economy, Stock Market, Politics, Society, Electronics; A prime source for staying updated on Japan!
Japan Links This site has wide range of links about Japan.
Colonel Craig's Japan Link This site has been condensed to give access to 'gateway' kinds of sites, where much more information can be found.
Traveling cheaply to and in Japan Useful information how to travel to and in Japan cheaply.
Artisans of Leisure Luxury travel company with luxury tours in Japan and all over the world for honeymoons, family vacations, culinary tours with luxury tours, deluxe hotels and private sightseeing.
Baumann Travel Specializing in Art, Culture and Garden Tours to Japan aand Southeeaast Asia.
Hike Japan Hike Japan is a tour operator specializing in guided walking holidays.
Inside Japan Tours Japan holiday specialist offering Small Group Tours, Self-Guided Holidays, Fully Tailored itineraries and Japan Rail Pass.
Japan Roads Tours Tour Japan: Experience the Cultural Diversity of Japan.
The Oriental Caravan Specialists in small group tours of japan, tibet and taiwan.
Japan-i All the information you need when visiting Japan.
Pleasure Japan How to travel to japan - Japan budget travel tips in Japan.
Japan Ring This ring is for sites about japan, including, but not limited to language, tourism, photography, services, culture, entertainment and tradition.
Dream Travel of Favorite Movie This site introducing the places which appeared in the famous movies.
Let's travel around Japan! Guide to travel around Japan. Tourist spots all over Japan. Introduction of Japanese foods (sushi, sashimi...), customs in Japan, Japanese culture.

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